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Death of feelings
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The rose of love
Death of feelings

It hurts, it hurts, it destroys,
Suspicion, angry words I heard.
My love shatters like glass in hand,
melts like ice in the warm sand.

Hurt and humiliated, I'll retire,
after the last fragments I bend over '.
Attempts to mend what is no longer safe
and add together piece by piece.

Vain toil, I can see it already
this is well deserved reward.
Distrust, jealousy reigns here now
leaves me no way, no path to You

Now Locked the door to happiness.
Tears of sorrow dim the searching gaze.
I do not know the man I love,
he is a stranger to me, and I'm tired.

fight no more Let me give up
and let life take its course ...!


Copyright © 1999 by Petra Heierhoff




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