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Your love
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Your love
Your love

If you LOVE me ever decreasing,
Nor can the thunder drown out my cries of pain.

When your arms hold another tender,
not your sister or your daughter is
if your lips that I love so much, another kiss
or another in your thoughts,
then tears of pain are in my soul.

If Your Love to me is not forever,
Your eyes when talking to another,
if a different finger on your hair,
or it is not my skin that touches your hand
Then angels come to the time stand still to let.

We want to keep watch over our love and
all the worries and hardships that brings the time, wear.
Our love grows every day when we are apart.

Together we are strong, no matter what to expect
I give you my soul, my life, all I got
I live just for you, until death comes
to unite us again in another life.

devoted for my beloved husband Achim


Copyright © 2008 by Petra Grabau




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