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Peter sat on his chair at the window and looked bored. Today no weather was to the bicycle or Inliner drives. Poured and the rain drops trommelten wildly against the windowpane. „If nevertheless at least Paul would come “thought it. But in the weather nobody might have gone before the door. 

Peter and Paul - Peter at the the window  
Paul was its best friend, with whom he had made already so many mad things. With it was never boring and it was always in a good mood. One could laugh wonderful with him. Most of all Peter would be in a country where the sun warms now. It closed the eyes and imagined like gently the sunbeams its face strokes.

What would be, if one would dig simply? Straight through the earth the tunnel would have to go. Where would one come then raus? Peter decided to talk with Paul about its thoughts. 

On the next day the sun had chased the cloud towers away. Already on the way to the school told Peter his friend Paul of its idea. Paul was enthusiastic and stepped excited from a foot on the others. 

„When we want to begin to dig? “he asked Peter. „Equivalent this afternoon we procure ourselves spades, shovel and a pointed heel. Then we can begin immediately, “answered Peter. Today was the homework faster finished as usual, because the thoughts were only with the large adventure, which the two friends planned. It was weekend to realise the best opportunity now the plan.

Punctually at Paul before Peter's door stood for 15.00 o'clock and rang stormily. „, “He, the spade already called Peeeteeer in the hand. „Ability we go loosely? “„I must only fast still pack up a few things, “answered Peter, „then go we to the old quarry. There we are certainly unimpaired. “ 

It shouldered its backpack, which already lay behind the sofa ready, got the tool from the cellar and hurried the stairs up. Before the entry door it examined once again contents whether it forgot also nothing. No, it was everything there, even to the camera it had thought and naturally a few occupied bread, if they got hunger.

Diverted the two friends stapften by the fields, which led to the quarry. Nearly they had it reached, there were noticeable Paul a small cave, which lured hidden behind a Blackberry hedge mysteriously.
  Peter and Paul - Peter and Paul

„Peter, stop times on, “called Paul „looks times, there is a cave whether we can dig there perhaps better? If it does not rain becomes we wet, and also nobody can see to us. “„Super idea, “was jubilant Peter, “those could from me be direct! Come, we check times whether we can go there inside. “
They pushed the Scrub aside and came scattered with scratches to the entrance of the cave. It saw terribly darkly gruselig therein out and a little. Peter had to pack up remembered flashlights. It kramte it from the backpack and switched it on. The light cone seized only one part of the cave, but so they could recognize that them were enormous large. 

Peter and Paul - Cave  
Suddenly fluttered somewhat around it. Frightened Peter and Paul ducked themselves behind a Boulder But then they recognized that only a few bats were, which had here it at home. They looked at themselves and had to laugh suddenly at the same time loud. Before bats they had now really no fear. 

Two hours had already passed. Peter run tents the forehead. „We should look for a place now to the ditch, “called it Paul too. „Let us still a few steps into the cave go, then we set up the small tent and begin. “Finite was found beautiful straight lines a place, the tent was set up and four petroleum lamps illuminated warmly its job.

„Come, Paul, before we begin eat we still another occupied bread. Because with hungry stomach we cannot work “said Peter to its friend and unpacked the bag. After they had strengthened themselves took Peter the heel into the hand and gave Paul the shovel. „I chop a hole and you dig the loam to the side. “ 

They dug and dug and dug….and did not notice at all like the time passed.

Suddenly the earth gave way and fell down with polarizing to it. They had actually come out on the other side of the earth. Carefully Peter put the head from the earth hole. Where could they probably have been? The sun stood highly in the sky and burned hot on the skin. It help out Paul from the hole and closed the eyes. Oh, was that beautifully here! It smelled strangely, but not unpleasantly.

A loud trumpets tore it from the beautiful dream. What was that? The ground trembled among them and a herd of elephant ran at them past. Were they in panic? Had it somewhat frightened? Paul tore frightened the eyes up and interpreted, without saying something, in the direction behind Peter's backs. Completely slowly Peter turned and solidified before fright. 

There six, no, crept seven lions by the high Grass. „Paul, we should fast again home go, “whispered he to his friend too. They ducked themselves in the high Grass and disappeared carefully in the earth hole. Fast Peter with the heel struck into the excavating corner, so that the earth locked the hole.

    Peter and Paul - Elephant

The two friends divided last butter bread. Afterwards they made themselves on the way home. Successively now the petroleum lamps went out. Only the latter held on up to the native cave. „We had, groaned however once again luck there “Paul. „However it was correctly mad. When do we make our next journey? “Peter considered not for a long time: „Soon are holidays, then we try it again. I am already strained where we then out come. “

With red cheeks and full anticipation on the next adventure Peter and Paul went home and slept whole 18 hours, because they were completely terribly tired from their adventurous journey by the earth.

Copyright © 2010 by Petra Grabau


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