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In the beginning the world was cold, and the animals and birds had their fur and feathers very necessary in order to keep warm. Since the Thunder God looked down on the cold, unfriendly world, and he saw that it's not so good. He therefore sent down a thunderbolt, and placed SykomorenBaum on a small island on fire. The tribe was burning like a torch, and all the animals looked on and enjoyed the sunny warmth. But how to bring the fire from the island to the mainland? They took counsel, and help each one of them wanted.

First, said the raven: "The best thing is, I fly over to the island and bring something of the fire." No sooner said than done. He flew to the island and tried to get the fire, but he came back and scared and burned without fire. Since that day, the raven is black.
Next, animal tried the little owl. She came safely to the tree, but when she looked down into the burning, hollow trunk, the bark struck her in the face and almost burned her eyes. Since then, her eyes are red and squinting in bright light.
The black snake would be particularly smart. She swam to the island, and crept cautiously through the grass and found a small hole at the base of the trunk. There, she slipped and hoped they would be able to carry off a little heat. But inside the burning tree, it was terribly hot. The snake was afraid to suffocate. She quickly jumped back to the little hole and slipped out into the open.

After it get even the snake failed wr, the fire, the animals were desperate. None ventured into the vicinity of the glowing tree, and still the world was cold and unfriendly. As reported the small schwarzrotgestreifte water spider and asked permission to give it a try. They wove a small bowl and fastened it on her back. She ran across the water to the island, put a tiny piece of burning charcoal from the tree, slipped quickly back across the water back to the mainland and brought the animals to the fire.

And who is now looking at the water spider, which will discover on their backs is still the dish in which they bore the heat in a cold world.


Myth of the Chreokee - free of traditional myth of the native American


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