The legend of the Dreamcatcher - Part 2 Print


A sad old woman of the tribe of the Ojibwa Indians came a very long time to wise old spider woman. She complained of the wise spider woman suffering her and told her that her little daughter would at night haunted by nightmares of evil, and therefore could sleep very badly. In desperation, the mother asked the wise spider woman for advice and help.

The spider woman replied: "Take a devout branch of the willow by the river and turn it into a sacred circle. Fill this circle with a spider web of. Work it out carefully. Then it depends on your child's sleeping place. The bad dreams get caught in the mesh, the good dreams continue to find their way to your daughter. "

>The mother followed the advice of the wise spider woman and carefully produced the first dream catcher. After she had hung over the bed of her daughter, her daughter could sleep in peace.


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