The legend of the Dreamcatcher - Part 3 Print


Once upon a time a family in serious distress was good they led a good and grounded in the spiritual life, but her nights were filled with terrible dreams and visions. The father, who saw no other way out, took his medicine pipe, and went to seek advice from the Great Spirit. He quietly sat in an open, grass-covered field with prairie, smoked while listening to the whisper of the wind.

"I can help you," he heard. "If you said to me?" asked the father. When he looked around, he noticed one spider that was sitting on a blade of grass. "It was I who you called. I have an answer to your prayers. I want you to teach my medicine. The confusion from your life do not come from yourself, because you lead a good, grounded in the spiritual life. Those to ghost around you who do not live in harmony, like that you are dying. There are evil spirits that come from the chaos that afflict you during your sleep. "

While the spider to the father said all that, she was busy, pulled apart two blades of grass, and tied them together with cobwebs. "You have to bring certain things to me now so I can help you," said the spider. The father went away and brought when he came back with the things that had asked the spider.

First he put the eagle feather into the tissue. "This means the spring air and the spirits of the air," said the spider. "Next to the stone be placed in the tissue. This stone marks the spirit of the earth. Then the shell lay in the tissue. This shell means the spirit of the sea. Finally, the beads lay in the tissue. These beads were in the fire formed, meaning the spirits of the fire.

Now take this trap of dreams, which bears the forces of earth, wind, fire and water in itself. Hang it on your bed and you will rest well. Because peaceful spirits travel in a straight line, they will come in the dreams to you.

But the spirits of chaotic origin on a straight line can not come forward and be trapped in the tissue. There they are held until the first rays of the sun, they burn away. "


free traditional native American myth


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